Sweet precious Fister, you meant the world to me and I miss you more than anyone can imagine! Since you came up to stay with John and me 16 years ago, you have been the center of our universe - and for the past 8 years you have a real comfort to me!

You had a bit of a rough start. We were not quite sure where you were born, because your mom had hidden you and sister. We were away on a holiday at the time and when we came back, it took us three days to find you, she had hidden you on a beam behind the dustbins. Your eyes weren’t open yet.

In the beginning, you stayed in the yard with your mom, sister and Pjevs. We built two houses for you all, that you moved into immediately, and we kept feeding you. You had a good time in yard, but you started missing us when we were away, we realized that when one time, we came back from the airport at midnight, you came out in the street to greet us.

You were a sweet and peace loving boy and not the one to start a fight, but you knew how to defend yourself, and chase any intruder out of your yard.

We quickly fell in love with you, of course, and decided to entice you to come up and live with us, and you soon took over the flat and started to train us.

You were such a well behaved boy, you hardly ever begged at the table and you would sit by your food bowl and wait for one of us to notice it was almost empty.

At night, you would come up in bed and watch TV with us, and in the mornings you would gently try to wake us with headbumpies, but if we wanted to sleep, you would be tolerant and give us another hour.

Depending on your mood, you would let guests say hi and pet you - I think you could tell who was cat-people and who not.

With time, you mellowed more and more, I could clip your nails, clean your ears and eyes and you loved to be brushed every morning. I also found out you loved paw massage and I enjoyed giving it.

I feel so alone without you and miss our cuddle sessions and your little habits - the way you lay beside me when I was reading, with your paws on my arm, and later laying next to my head on your own little pillow, sleeping peacefully. I could lay there and just watch you forever.

Oh Fister, you were SO special!!

Sleep gently my precious boy - I will keep you in my heart forever! John will look after you at the Rainbow Bridge, and I will be reunited with you again one day!