Hello there Crookie is my cat, I was posting his pictures on deviantART and someone suggested I nominate him for here. For a bit more info on him, after he had his stroke we had to re-teach him to eat, walk, and just to be a cat. IT started with us feeding milk through a dropper. We know at that time he was not getting enough nutrition from just the canned milk, so my fiance got out a pork roast we were saving in the fridge to make into a salad. He cut off all the fat and cut them into tiny pieces. Crookie was able to eat it and practically took fingers off in the process even though he could not move his head around.

Right after the stroke while he was still "stiff" as a board we spent I think it was 2 days just talking to him and we had him sleep between the two of us. We finally wrapped him in a heated blanket and left him alone for about 4 hours and when we came back in (thinking he'd probably died) we found that he was no longer stiff and he wasn't able to move any part of him on his own.

HE still has his neck kinda crooked, you can see it when he walks it's slightly tilted to the side. IT was a lot more pronounced when he was still a kitten.