So I'm working at a pet store...and once I've been there long enough I'll get discounts on the food. So right now I'm feeding this: Blue buffalo fish and sweet potato. I'm not sure if they have allergies so I thought this might work better for them.

Anyway I found out I get an even better discount on Nutrience holistic formula.

Them seem similar. I'm still learning about foods and stuff since I just started. I checked them out in the dog food analysis site but it only showed it for their regular food not the holistic stuff.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand the 2 foods a little more. I wanna say Blue looks like the better food. But is there that much of a difference? I'd pay like $20 for the Nutrience and probably 40 or 50 for Blue. Which would you feed your dog? I'm going to pay for the more expensive stuff if it's really a big difference but if it's almost nothing I'm thinking of switching.