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Cat Rescues - please take a look at this kitty.
Laurie Gibb, one of our KGARL volunteers, was helping a nice man here in King George trap some cats on his property to get in for s/n. He told Laurie that someone recently dumped this little girl on his property, and she obviously had something wrong with one of her back legs. Laurie was good enough to take her to one of our local vets. It was determined that her leg could not be saved and amputation is recommended.

We urgently need a rescue that can take “Brianna” immediately after her amputation, as we do not have anyone available to care for her during her recovery. KGARL is prepared to pay for the amputation, and Laurie is now checking to see when the surgery could be done, but most importantly is, we MUST have a rescue immediately after surgery to transport her to.

Please let me know RIGHT AWAY if you can help Brianna.

Below for more info is what Laurie reported back to the KGARL Board regarding Brianna:

“The stray black cat Mr. Irby called me about is very friendly and is a girl 9-12 months old; we are calling her “Brianna”.

The damaged back leg was broken mid femur some time ago, and Dr Gibbons says it will need to come off. There is so much damage and atrophy that amputation is the only real option, but she should do fine after. The raw wound on the paw top is from dragging. He thought Brianna certainly has discomfort but not acute pain. Pain meds could make her groggy and more likely to catch it on something. Xrays were not needed, although it's possible the surgeon may want some. The FELV/FIV test was neg/neg so that is fabulous.

I recommend trying to find a rescue to take Brianna - maybe try whoever took Hemingway a couple years back. I am able to house her for a couple days. but I can't provide the close attention she would need for recovery / rehab.

Just got estimate at Princess Anne to remove the back leg of the injured cat, Brianna, from Mr Irby's trailer park. Dr Gibbons recommends that the spay be done at a later time since an amputation is already stressful enough on a cat. I have asked them to determine when they might be able to do the surgery so I will call back tomorrow.”

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