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Thread: Beloved Léofa!

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    Beloved Léofa!

    The sum of all these parts is a comic hound, unique, never aggressive, endlessly entertaining, always endearing, always happy-go-lucky, always simply good. He is an innocent soul, better than the world deserves. He took not just a place in our house, but a place in our hearts.
    Good morning, Léofa, beloved Grand Papillon! My goodness, six homes in less than five years, that must have been so confusing for you. Now you are in a home where you have a loving family and your instant best friend Callista! I hope you have a wonderful day of doing your surrender pose to capture a playmate, playing, running, and being your endearing self! I like the picture of you and Callista taking up the sun, and the one of you being a back-seat driver Happy Dog of the Day to you, Léofa!
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    Goodness Leofa - you are quite the character (in a good way of course). I laughed just about the entire time that I was reading about you. Frankly, I see not a thing wrong in your cute little head - it's just that you march to the beat of a different drummer - and as long as you are happy and healthy - then that's all that counts. I'm so glad that your present family sees all the good in you, and will love and care for you for your entire life.

    Wishing you a super happy DOTD today, cutie. Have lots of fun, and I'm pretty certain that your family will have something extra special in store for you. Enjoy!
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    Thanks so very much to Karen and the Dog Of The Day crew for choosing Léofa as today's special hound!

    Last night my stepmom's house flooded, so her scots terrier Maggie is staying over at our place with Léofa and Callista. 50% more dog in our house!

    Here are a couple more pix of today's Dog Of The Day ...

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    Hello Leofa, I am exhausted after reading about your antics. I must say you are one lucky dog to be in your present and forever home with loving patient understanding humans. It must be a good feeling to be accepted and loved after having been in six homes already. You're a handsome boy and I enjoyed seeing the photos. I hope you have a long happy life with your little dog friend and your people. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Happy Dog of the Day to you precious Léofa, you beautiful Grand Papillon boy!
    Oh my gosh, 6 tries before finally finding your forever home! I'm so sorry you had to interview 6 (unworthy) families before finally finding that perfect match, sweetheart. But I'm sure you would agree it was well worth the wait, for a pup as special as you couldn't have hoped for a caring and loving and committed forever family, family of humans and furry siblings, a home in which your beautiful spirit could shine! And once home, it's no surprise to hear how handily you wormed your way into your humans' hearts! Having said all that, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading all about you and your happy life, from how you came to be named, to your most entertaining quirks and antics, hehe, to how close you and dear Callista have become! And oh, the pics!!! What a life, and no pup is more deserving than you, Léofa!!!

    He is an innocent soul, better than the world deserves. He took not just a place in our house, but a place in our hearts. This is his seventh home, and his last ... and we hope he'll be here for a long time.
    Now that brought a tear to my eye; true words were never spoken! Oh, how very loved you are, precious Leofa, and I too hope for you and your family, many, many more wonderful, carefree, love filled years together! You sweetheart, are a treasure, a pure soul, and so deserving of your Dog of the Day honors! And thanks to Christoper for checking in, sharing more adorable pics! (How your extended family gets back into their home soon!)

    Thanks for brightening and warming my very blizzardy day, sweetheart! Enjoy a very happy Dog of the Day bash, celebrating to the max with Callista and cousin Maggie (doggie sleepover), being treated to all your hearts desire and more!
    Lots of love, cuddles and smoochies to you, precious Léofa, and to dear Callista and Maggie, too!

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    Well now, that was quite an enthralling description of Leofa. Brilliant DOTD, wee bit eccentric but clearly picked the right family peace and love

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    Hello Leofa,

    What a sweet boy you are & I throughly enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading all about you
    in your Bio today.You are a one of a kind special soul for sure and I am so happy to know you now
    have found a special family to match. I believe your sis Callista knew what a special
    & loving soul at first meeting. Congratulations sweet boy on being our DOG OF THE DAY.Sending
    lots of cyber hugs & kisses for you & Callista.xoxoxo
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    You're a cutie Léofa! I bet you keep your family busy! Congrats on being DOTD!
    I hope you and Callista are having a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...

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    How silly! You should post this in Dog General!
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    The latest from Léofa:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CAM00012.jpg 
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ID:	57792 - hasn't slowed down!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Wonk tolerates evil Splotch.jpg 
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ID:	57791 - well, sometimes he does ... for a little while ...

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    Hee hee - that first one made me grin!
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