When I went to a new campus to work at I had to deal with a HUGE PITA.

I talked about her before.


Refused to turn in numbers on time.
Hid the ledger after hours
Hid the ledger when she went on vacation.
Refused to learn how to use a computer, let alone learn how to turn it on
go to the spreadsheet and mail me a set of numbers.

When I went to HER STUPIDvisor, she shrugged her shoulders and told me to 'try and work with her' or 'find a system that would get me the info on time'.

So, it was a failure of the system - no boss to go to and when I complained about it, I was the trouble maker.


Because no one complained about this AH back when it would have made a difference, they were stuck with a
clerk who didn't GAS about how her laziness affected the system.

She ruled by fear and was one of those lazy employees that was biding her time until she retired with a nice pension.

We, as patrons of a service that we pay for, shouldn't be afraid to drop a dime or note when we feel like we are being abused, unsatisfied, unserved.

As a matter of fact?

I'd send a 'Nice Complaint' in and follow it up with a bunch of anonymous Eff You complaints, just to spice things up.

If I am getting screwed, why not return the favor?