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Thread: Super bowl commercials?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassiesmom View Post
    Get some tissues - this is very sweet! Budweiser "Puppy Love"
    Of course! That one made me sad because Ryder once looked like the puppy in the commercial. I also liked the Doritos commercial with the Mastiff & the little girl.
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    This year's Bud commercial with the puppy couldn't hold a candle to last year's, so even though it was cute and they used the same actor guy, it didn't grab me the way last year's did . . . Bud can't do better than that one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey the elder View Post
    The stain in the shape of Joe Montana's face, and the guy's wife, the closet Ravens fan, washing the shirt! That gave me the giggles.
    I didn't see that!! Figures; a Ravens mention and I didn't see it. My favorite was the Toyota commercial with the Muppets (besides the Clydesdales, of course). Most ironic? How about the super anti-commercial Bob Dylan finally making an ad....advocating buying American cars....for Chrysler....WHO IS OWNED BY FIAT!!! Way to go, Bobby...

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    We DVR'd the Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl - same time slots as the Super Bowl, and even recorded - well, started a recording of the "Fish Bowl" on National Geographic, which we stopped after we started watching it as it was just plain dumb, and uninteresting.

    Watching the Puppy Bowl, I was impressed with the whole series of the Subaru "dog tested" commercials, of the Retriever family in the car. Some were better than others, but I appreciated very much the fact that they made more than one ... it kept to interesting. Did the whole set run during the Super Bowl as well? I get disappointed when the same ad for a company runs over and over during the course of a show. I know this is a triumph for the ad salesperson, as they get paid per slot, and commercials can be expensive to make, but surely Bissell could have shot a few different ones, that they could then use the whole rest of the year!

    And, by the way, while I have nothing against penguins, I thought they were a bad choice for "cheerleaders" for the puppy bowl, as their expressions and actions do not have enough variety to make it seem like they are ever reacting to anything. Back to the drawing board for that one, folks! But I was glad they showed more of the hamsters and did the "power source" one featuring them!

    What did you all think?
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