Ever since Lily moved in (at the age of 11 weeks; Luna was 3 at that time), she started dominating Luna. It began that she made Luna babying her; Lily wanted to suckle, and Luna obeyed. This went on for three years, and when that episode was over, Lily started intimidating Luna. She'd stare her down or jump at her, and Luna would hiss and growl, even paw at her - but back off eventually. Always. And this is getting worse over the years, especially now that Luna is getting older.

Right from the start, they have slept in my bed with me - every night, both of them. But now it's happening more and more that Lily won't let Luna. Luna is usually the first who's coming to bed, soon after I switch off the lights. But now, as soon as Luna's laying down to sleep, Lily's attacking her, making her hiss and scream. Usually she's chasing her out of the room. I'm scolding her, but of course this won't impress Lily one bit. Last night, after she ran Luna off, Lily came back and wanted to lay down at the same spot where Luna had made her bed minutes ago - I didn't let her, I was sooo mad. Lily jumped onto the top of the cabinet, pouting. Luna, after being chased away by Lily, is usually irritated and most unhappy, she would walk up and down the hallway, whining and crying in a most pitiful way. She just doesn't know where to go. All Luna wants is to be with me, but Lily won't let her. It took lots of efforts on my part to make Luna come back to the bedroom, where she first sat beside my bed forever, before she made a new start to lay down to sleep. Eventually she did, and Lily came down from the cabinet, jumped into the bed, and started attacking Luna again. By the time I switched on the lights, Luna was already on her back, trying to defend herself. I chased Lily away, and this time, Luna didn't get up. A while later, Lily came back to bed, and this time, she was laying down next to Luna.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night, especially since Lily has developed the bad habit of getting up at 4 in the morning, wanting some treats. And she's very demanding!! She's sitting next to my head, poking my face - and she doesn't hesitate to use her claws! This little sweet girl has turned into a tyrant par excellence!

I really hope tonight will be better as I'm having a doctor's appointment tomorrow in the morning; and I really need to get some sleep. But the worst is that I'm feeling so bad for Luna; I can tell she's always uncomfortable now, always on her guard and fearing Lily's attack. My poor poor baby!!