Anna_66's beloved Huney has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. She is grief-stricken, and posted it on Facebook, but I thought I would let people here know as well.

From yesterday:
It is with a very heavy heart we say goodbye to our Huney girl. She was taken in for surgery on her acl. It all went fine. Then on Thursday she seized because of a blood clot in her lung. Her heart quit, but they were able to get it going again. But her heart just wasn't strong enough. She died around 8pm last night.
Mark Adkins got to see her around 3:30. Oh sweet girl we will miss you terribly.
We remember when she first wandered into Mark and Anna's yard, as if she knew from the start that was where she belonged! Anyone who ever saw them at Findlay knew how much Huney was Anna's dog - whenever Anna left the dog enclosure, Huney would stop playing with other dogs, and sit glued to the fence, her nose pointing directly at wherever Anna had gone. It was very cute!