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    Clover was biten...

    I took Clover for her run today. I know that there is a dog around that might be aggressive and I try to watch out for it but I guess I wasn't paying attention when I let her out of my truck. Anyway the dog was there, and she ran off to say hello. They sniffed, then suddenly the other dog snarled and started to bite Clover. I was pretty far away but I heard her yelping and was running as quick as I could! The other lady got her dog to stop and I called Clover back to me. She seemed fine after we went our own way. I let Clover off again and she ran around like crazy and was playful. I just got home and noticed a bite on her ear which is bleeding It's not huge or anything but I'd like to clean it. Is there something I should or shouldn't use to clean it? I'm worried she'll be cranky with any dogs she sees now She didn't fight back at all, she seemed really scared and just wanted to get away. I've seen "scraps" at the dog park where she does growl at the other dog when this happens but someone told me they were just working out dominance. I guess there is a difference but I really can't tell the difference.

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    You can get it at any drug store. I swear by the stuff. Vets and drs. use it all the time. They usually wipe surgical sites with it before surgery. Call your vet if you have any questions about it. Or google it. It has saved me lots of $.

    Poor pup. She'll be fine, I bet. Just keep it clean with Betadine. Apply it once a day. Dilute it if you wish. I use it full strength.

    Good luck.

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    Can I use peroxide? Like what I'd use for my own cuts or is it to harsh? or maybe polysporin?

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    I'm sorry to hear she got bit. I know this thread is a few days old but you shouldn't use peroxide on any cuts. I used to be guilty of it too at times but here's a link about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IRescue452 View Post
    I'm sorry to hear she got bit. I know this thread is a few days old but you shouldn't use peroxide on any cuts. I used to be guilty of it too at times but here's a link about it.
    Thanks I didn't end up using it. I called the vet and they suggested warm water with alittle soap, dry it, the use polysporin.

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    Peroxide deoxygenates the tissue, I believe, and kills White blood cells (that promote healing!!!). We don't recommend it for cleaning wounds. Eventhough everyone seems to think it's a necessary first aid item. I try to never use it except to "flush" it out.

    Soap and water, keep it clean, triple antibiotic ointment is ok to use as well.

    Use your best judgement, however. Ear wounds can be VERY difficult to heal, even minor ones. Keep a close eye on it (as I know you will!!) and don't hesitate to head to the vet if you think it's taking longer to heal than it should.

    EDIT: You must have posted after I clicked "reply" and had it going. Good to know you called your vet!!


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    I've never used straight peroxide on a wound. We always diluted it to half strength with sterile saline, but we used to teach patients that they could use clean tap water to dilute it at home. Sounds like you're already using just soap and water though. ((((HUGS))), Clover- I hope it heals very fast!
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