I took Clover for her run today. I know that there is a dog around that might be aggressive and I try to watch out for it but I guess I wasn't paying attention when I let her out of my truck. Anyway the dog was there, and she ran off to say hello. They sniffed, then suddenly the other dog snarled and started to bite Clover. I was pretty far away but I heard her yelping and was running as quick as I could! The other lady got her dog to stop and I called Clover back to me. She seemed fine after we went our own way. I let Clover off again and she ran around like crazy and was playful. I just got home and noticed a bite on her ear which is bleeding It's not huge or anything but I'd like to clean it. Is there something I should or shouldn't use to clean it? I'm worried she'll be cranky with any dogs she sees now She didn't fight back at all, she seemed really scared and just wanted to get away. I've seen "scraps" at the dog park where she does growl at the other dog when this happens but someone told me they were just working out dominance. I guess there is a difference but I really can't tell the difference.