Thank you again - and for your e-mails and PM's. My neighbor who is almost a nurse, called me and offered to come with me tomorrow. She knows Fister well and have looked after him a few times. I really would like to take Fister home for just a few days to say goodbye - this is too sudden. I realize he is old and sick, but those fluids and food he is getting just might have perked him up a bit. I so hope!

Fister has not come up on my bed for the past two days and I really missed it. I need to cuddle with him.

I hope his own vet will respond to my msg. on FB. Will take a pill and try to sleep soon. I will let know tomorrow what happens, and if I say goodbye, I may not post for a while.

Thank you, Pomtzu! I will certainly mention that to the vets. My neighbor told me a similar story with a human being.