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Thread: Fister is at the hospital

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    Fister is at the hospital

    Fister's own vet is sick and other vet was booked all day, so I called the vet hospital and made an appointment. I wheeled him over there in a pram I borrowed, a 15 min walk.

    We didn't have to wait long, a woman vet examined him thoroughly, weighed him and took his temperature, which was normal. She confirmed my fear that he had lost more weight, he is down to 4,3 kg. He has very pale gums and needs fluid, so he will be put on a drop and they will keep him until tomorrow. Hope the fluid will perk him up! He was such a good boy during the examination.

    They will do the tests again that he had done recently, plus some more - and a urine test. She talked about scanning him, also. I said go ahead and do what's necessary if I can keep him a bit longer and his life quality will improve.

    I almost fainted when she told me cost of all these tests, and I don't know what to do. So far, it will be more than $730 and since November 2012, I have less money to live on already.

    So depending on what they find is wrong with him and considering his age, I may have to make a very difficult decision.

    This is the hospital I took him to:

    Please send all the good thoughts you can!
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