My cat Tiger has been diagnosed with kidney disease about 2 yrs ago. since then we started to feed him science dietg k/d since we were told that he cannot have food with allot of protein. we will feed him wet and dry k/d food but mostly wet. At some point Tiger completely refused to eat the food! At the same time he lost allot of weight!! so i did some research on different types of food for him. thats when i learned that he could have food with high amounts of protein but it needs to be of high quality. I also learned that he's also losing muscle since he wasnt recieving the proper amounts of protein that a cat needs. so i went and bought some of the recommended food hoping that it will help him gain back the weight he lost with of course making sure that they had no by-products, no grains. some of the food i bought were USDA organic. Tiger is usually 13 pounds and had dropped to 7!!!

We've been feeding him the new food for about 2 months now and have not seen any weight gain!! But he has not thrown up in about a month and is pooping and peeeing normal. He recently has not been able to jump up to his favorite spot to drink water (at the bahroom sink). but just a week in a half ago he didnt struggle with this at all. He looks really weak lately and im wondering if its because of the muscle loss.

I want to take him to the vet, but im wondering if theres anything that they can give him that will really help him out right now????
Please help, any suggestions will be helpfull.