I noticed yesterday that Caramella had a bloody rear end. I couldn't tell if it was coming from her female parts or the other. I got a warm wet wash rag and tried cleaning her up hoping to get a idea of where the blood was coming from.. I did and her female parts seemed swollen. I watched her the rest of the day and a little while this morning to see how and what she did in the litter box. She would get in to pee and sit there for a pretty good while and get out and she wouldn't have done but about a teaspoon.. I called and got her in to see the vet and he said it is a bladder infection or whatever they call those parts... He has her on antibiotics for 2 weeks... My question is... why is she bleeding? I didn't think to ask the vet.... I've had cats with this sort of infections before but never had blood with them or have their parts swollen and bleeding.. How unusual is this?

After bringing her home, I knew I had to wash the pad I had in the kennel because there was blood on it. When I took it out of the kennel, it was soaked with her urine so somehow, I think that soft pad helped her pee because she soaked it! LOL! I put another soft pad in there for her but Miss Giz decided it was for HER!

Karen, if you see this, Caramella IS cleaning up the blood on her fur back there.