Ok, so since Zoee has been home with us since Xmas, she has gotten worse with her barking. I belive it's because she was out in the country for a year and it's really quiet out there. Also, she is now barking when she sees headlights or taillights on cars that are out the front door. We have sidelights on either side of the front door, so she can see the red and white lights moving. And I think this is because there is not a lot of traffic at my moms house so when anyone pulls up the driveway all the dogs bark (which is a good thing out in the country).
I know I should do the postive reinforcement tactic. But I need one thing clarified. Do I tell her to stop barking (or whatever command we choose) and then treat when she stops, or do I just wait until she stops barking on her own to treat her?
Any other suggestions are welcome too!

Bruce and I always end up arguing when it comes to training the dogs. So I want to have all my thoughts together before I approach him with this.