Hi Winnie! Happy Pet of the Day to you, beautiful boy!
What a wonderful gift your Mom was given that Christmas Day, a gift of love that keeps on giving, a best feathered friend to cherish forever! You haven't been with your Mom but a short while, but already you and she have become the best of friends, and it's great to hear that after graduation you two will remain a team, no matter where life leads her! How lucky she is, having a beautiful, funny, joyful best friend in you, Winnie, and I hope for you both, decades and decades of shared love and devoted companionship!
Thanks for brightening my dark and cold winter's day with your breathtakingly brilliant coloring and sunshiny personality, Winnie! Hope you're enjoying your well earned day in the spotlight, dancing up a storm, being spoiled rotten!
Lots of love, gentle cuddles and little kisses to you, beautiful Winnie!

P.S...LOL @ "come in!"