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Thread: Good thoughts for Myndi plz

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    Good thoughts for Myndi plz

    I'm going to call her vet today and make a senior appointment for a good going over. Having just turned 17, I do tend to worry more about her - even the small things.

    Her coat is looking ratty (I'm going to give her a good comb out today), and she has been losing hair in her front "pits". I noticed this a couple of months ago and started giving her a sprinkle of Gold Bond Medicated Power there each day - just in case there was something going on. The area isn't red or irritated - just balding - and it seems to be spreading. And she is so bony and has lost muscle mass, even tho she's eating like a little pig! She gets 2 full size meals (morning & night), plus a smaller noontime lunch, and when I weighed her yesterday, she was down to 9lbs. I suppose I should expect weight loss just because of her age, but I want to make sure nothing is going on. She's happy and alert and her usual spunky self, so maybe I'm just worried about nothing.

    She does take a low dose thyroid med and has for years, since her thyroid is somewhat sluggish. I'm thinking maybe she needs new lab work and an adjustment.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Whatever is going on, I would sure appreciate some positive vibes sent in her direction, please.
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    Hoping that Myndi is just fine and showing nothing more than the signs of being a very senior doggie.
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    I will send prayers and good thoughts for Myndi!
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    Hair loss is one symptom of a hypoactive thyroid, so that could be the thing.

    But eating and losing weight, that is not a low thyroid.

    Paws crossed the lab work shows something easily treated!

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    Sending prayers and positive thoughts to Myndi and you.

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    No ideas at this time-- older dogs tend to lose weight,mostly muscle mass but if she's got a great appetite it does seem odd that her weight is going down too. Glad you're taking her in, no one ever knows what could be lurking and the earlier we get on top of it the better for us and our furry friends.
    Could Myndi have a case of Alopecia like some older people get? Nothing serious, just hair loss, probably from hormonal changes or maybe from the stress of losing Sparky?

    In any case, keeping my fingers crossed and hope you'll have good news for us after the vet check--- good luck and hugs to Myndi

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