Hi Axew! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart!
What a gorgeous, *sunshiny* Leopard Gecko girl you are! I don't think I've ever met a
Sunglow Gecko before, and I must say you certainly live up to your species' name! Your coloring is just beautiful!!! It reminds me of an opal shimmering in the sunshine, and lucky human yours, it sounds as though your personality is just as bright and sunshiny as your "coat" of many colors! I'm so sorry to hear that your much loved predecessor had to leave for the Rainbow Bridge. But thankfully your person now has you, Treecko and Deino to help fill that empty place in her heart; triple the Gecko love! (I'm sure Treecko will come around soon!)
Thanks for brightening my dark, cold and snowy day with your bright, beautiful self, Axew! You truly are one extra special Gecko girl, and so very worthy of your Pet of the Day honors!
Enjoy a happy day of celebration, sweet one! Hope you and the gang are all treated to an extra special day of pampering, including an extra serving of crickets and mealworms...moving ones! Long and happy life to you beautiful Axew, Treecko and Deino, the terrific trio!