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Thread: What according to you is the best dog breed for family and children?

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    What according to you is the best dog breed for family and children?

    What is the best dog breed for family and children according to you? Share your opinion on this please.

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    There are many breeds that are good with families and children - but it depends on the family's preferences, their previous dog experience and the individual dog in question. For example, I know lots of people who say Shelties are perfect with children, but I knew two who were not at all. And for example, Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands can be great dogs and are often wonderful with children, but only someone who is prepared for a giant breed and drool should consider them! My best advice would be go to your local shelter, and see what dog there reacts well with your kids, and with you - that's the perfect breed!
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    This is just my personal opinion; I am not any kind of expert . I am basing my choice on my Annie dog who is a Lab mix stray that came here at least six years ago. (The vet said she is a Lab mix.) The one thing I do know is that she is a kind, PATIENT dog with a wonderful easy going nature.

    I say this because of the way she interacts with my two little dogs (and people in general). My little dogs often pester her and if she's lying down, they both are all over her or at the very least, up in her face constantly. She has NEVER gotten ill or hateful with them and she has had the chance imo. Once in awhile, young small children are here and she does ok with them. Mainly she just keeps out of their way. She's not used to small children but she certainly does not growl or anything like that. Actually I have NEVER seen her growl at anything. The only time she gets upset is when a stray dog happens to come by our property. The hair on her back comes up and she chases the dog away... .guess she's protecting her property.

    Sooo, I think a Lab would be a good choice for a family and/or children. I certainly would not recommend a little dog such as a chihuahua or pom or any kind of little dog--not for children imo.

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    A lot depends on the age and maturity and responsibility level of the children, and of course, your living situation. Are you in an apartment or house, is it large or small, do you have acreage?

    I wouldn't recommend a small dog with young children, as the smaller breeds can tend to be nippy and snippy. Young children can also unintentionally injure a small dog, as some are very fragile.

    And of course if you are in an apartment setting, I don't think a St Bernard or Newfoundland work out well in that setting either.

    Your best bet is to do some research on line, and also visit a shelter or rescue. If this is your first dog (and it sounds like it is), then a medium size mixed breed is probably the best choice (depending on the mix of course).
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    I'm very partial to Mini Schnauzers, have had five of them. I always found them to be friendly with children, never had a problem, they love to play and one really good thing is they don't shed.


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    Here is my son 24 years ago when he was a little tyke with our Lab back then, Maggie, who also was Dog of the Day on June 6, 1999.

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    A mixed breed rescue!
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    The majority of times I've been bitten by dogs, which isn't much and never major but I did work at a boarding kennel with 200 dog capacity, it was by labradors. People get them thinking they come great automatically with no work and there's so many labs that of course by design the most populated breed has the most bites.

    There's a lot of dogs with a tendency to be pretty bombproof when brought up right. I personally like the cocker spaniel even though they went through problems back in the early 90's when they were overbred. I've never owned one that I wouldn't trust with kids.
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    This is my first post, and in reply to the best dog for a family. I think any dog could be the best family dog(except little dogs in my opinion), it's all in the way you train them. And probably the most important thing ever is for YOU to be alpha in the relationship between your dog and your family.

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    i had a rott amercan bulldog that was the best with my small shildren my aussie is so good with my grandaughter who is 2. there lab is great with her it depend in how there raised my other daughter has a turner and hooch dog who is amazing with my grandaughter and other small kids i in my personal opion is know small dogs there afraid of kids and are nippy

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    Anything with a laid back personality is great with kids in my opinion.. I have a five yr old and we own a saint bernard, she is AMAZING with kids..
    But she's huge... it depends on the size of dog you want, and energy level... Things are always more complicated then just 'liking kids'..
    Iv'e noticed Shih tzus are awesome with kids, pugs, basset hounds, german shepherds, siberian huskies, elk hounds, keeshunds, beagles, goldens, cocker spaniels, springers... theres a few :-)
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    I've read that hound breeds are good with children.

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    Mini Aussie

    I am biased, because I raise them, but I raise them because they are such great family dogs. They are protective without being aggressive, very smart, love their families so strongly they will lay down their life for you! They are rarely dog aggressive, and can get along with just about any other animal. However they do have to be socialized, and are not the type of dog to stay alone in the back yard all day, just waiting to be fed. They want to be with their pack, and do also require exercise and mental stimulation. My dogs go almost everywhere with me, and exercise is easy...teach them to fetch a ball, which will take about one day, because they're so smart. If you have children, they will stick to them like velcro, and keep them from harm. They don't miss a thing, and they don't run off. If they do get out of your yard, I can almost guarantee you your dog will be found either on the front porch waiting to come in, or in your car, ready to go for a ride. They are fun loving...often called perpetual puppies. I could go on, but I won't, lol.


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