I've mentioned before my nieces cats (she has 2 now) have fleas and Clover ended up with them too. It's been atleast a few months since she found out her cats have them and has made no attempt to treat it. She laughs about it like oh well, they get fleas whatever. Anyway I just found out they also now have worms and she doesn't clean their litter much, they don't get cat food much they just give them their left over scraps (human food). They smoke pot and blow it in their faces. When I looked after her cat once I needed to bathe it because it smelled so badly of weed.

To me this is abuse. I told her how upset I am about it so did my mom. She just laughed and said that's stupid. And "fleas don't jump from house to house on people" and "once they bite they die and fall off", also "my cats have cat fleas so there is no way your dog could get them from us" URG.

So I decided to call the Humane Society. She'll hate me if she ever finds out it was me. (which she probably will since it seems me and my mom are the only ones who care about animals around here) Oh well. The HS told me they'll visit and see what they can do, but there's a chance nothing will be done about it. and that I should buy her flea/worm treatments.

I have 3 animals of my own that need treatments, and good food. I honestly am barely making ends meet as it is. I had to get my dad to help me out a bit. I can't afford to buy stuff for them that they may or may not use. And if I did, I'd have to buy all the follow up treatments. They don't take it to the vet. No money apparently. But they have money for weed, beer, jewelery etc.

What should I do? I don't even wanna go to family things now cause I don't want more fleas in my house!