Hi, I have a chihuahua and I've tried to coax her into playing and she won't do it. I've bought toy after toy and so far nothing gets her interest. She has 1 long flat fox that she likes once in a great while, she'll tug on it for a few minutes and play, but most of the time if I try to entice her into it she just looks at me like I'm stupid. Same with her tug rope. Doesn't seem to be a real big fan of the squeaker toys. Tried kong treat toy, she won't go for that at all. She doesn't play with balls again except once in a real great while she'll roll it around for a few moments and she's done.

I'm worried she's not getting enough mental stimulation that she would normally get through play or that she's depressed or something. I've even tried getting on the floor and adopting the "play" stance just to get her to play with me and she'll have none of it. She's all for being all over me for petting and she loves to stay right with me no matter where I am, but she will not play with me. The only kind of play she's given so far is that when she gets up in the morning, she likes to prance all over me and run up and down me in excitement that it's morning time. And then she'll let me set her out of the room into the other room while I hide a few treats around the first room and then let her in. She runs around and searches them out and for her this is I guess a game of hide and seek with food reward.

I want to play with her but she's so tiny and she apparently isn't interested in anything I've found so far. When I take her to the park I can't get her to play either, she just runs around barking at other dogs. I was thinking of buying her some kind of puzzle game or the bacon flavored bubble flower cause she loves bacon flavored treats, something more expensive than 10$ squeakers, but they're expensive and if she won't play with them then what? I would really appreciate some recommendations on toys that might entice playtime out of stubborn dogs that refuse to play.