Hi, I have 2 dogs, Suki who is a Maltese Bichon age 3, and Keko who is a Beagle/Podenco mix, age 6.

When Suki eats, she eats part of the food in her bowl, and spreads part in a "halo" around her bowl, by taking it out with her mouth and delicately placing it on the floor. Then she'll go off and come back later and repeat.

Its as if she were "leaving the best bits till last", but there are no "best bits"...its all the same dry food.

Keko knows that he must not eat food left in Suki's bowl, but he considers (and rightly so) that the floor is "neutral territory" and will eat what she has spread around.

I can't stop a dog from eating what's on the floor, so he ends up eating more that his share, and she ends up with less.

I scoop up the food on the floor and put it back in her bowl, but I can't be constantly doing this.... I need to somehow discourage her from this odd habit.

Any ideas??????
Many thanks