Please Crosspost - Forest Park, GA

Contact: Derek White
[email protected] (at

Derek feeds the friendly strays that hang around his house. He can't bring them in because some of the members of his family have allergies. But he does what he can for these poor kitties. One of them, OrangeG, has suffered a disfiguring incident. The vet does not know what happened -- a snakebite, a spider bite, or what. But the result is part of that OrangeG's mouth fell off. Derek was giving him antibiotics, but he says that the next morning, it dropped off his face.

OrangeG is very friendly. He's about a year to a year-and-a-half, and has not been vetted yet. Derek was planning to get him fixed within the month. But it is now apparent that this boy needs a safe indoor home right now. Please help find him rescue or placement!

Thank you!

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