To anyone out there in Pettalk that might remember me (Emeraldgreen), I just wanted to say hello. I don't know where the time has gone but here it is three years later and I've been thinking of visiting Pettalk so I finally emailed Karen to help login because my username or password wasn't working.

I hope everybody is doing well!!! My husband and I moved to another island in 2010 but found it a bit remote so we have just returned to Quadra about a month ago and I'm back working with the cat rescue group. I never stopped but couldn't do any hands on work from afar and just did things like handled their emails and maintained the website and made posters for adoptable kittens and cats etc.. But now I'm so happy to be able to help with the real work of trapping and checking in on foster homes and adopting cats out. To date we've fixed 243 cats and found homes for about 100 kittens and cats. We're hoping to get a whole bunch of work done this year and with kitten season around the corner we're about to get started with the trapping next month.

It still amazes me that the cat rescue group started because of one little guy named Barney and that his life was extended because of the support, kindness and generosity of this Pettalk group. I still think of Barney alot and it always leaves me with a special feeling. I can't say I've ever experienced anything quite like that and I sure am grateful that so many of you were there to help in million different ways. Barney's Angels.

Well, I'll keep this short but just wanted to say a quick hello and hope to chat with some of you in various posts over the next while. I'm going to have to update my pets in my photo section as many are no longer with me (RIP: Muddy- most loyal dog ever, Paddington Bear- gentle giant, Jimmy- my soul cat). But of course, more rescues have joined us (Jojobears- 8year old shep/cattledog cross we adopted in May, some feral cats that I had been fostering but they remained with us as barn cats and live a happy life). The rest of the gang is still with us and just a bit older.
p.s. I just found messages in my inbox from 2009 and 2010 that I've now read and will respond to. Sorry for the delay.