Yesterday I was in a pet store getting bugs for my leopard gecko when I decided to stop into the "satellite center" of the local shelter. It's an extra wing at the rear of the pet store staffed by two shelter employees which houses a handful of adoptable dogs, cats, bunnies, and small animals. One senior kittylooked so much like my Sherpa that I was just captivated. She was beautiful!

This shelter has a program called "Homeward bound", where you can donate toward an animal's adoption fee so a prospective adopter would not have to pay as much (or anything) to adopt them. After thinking it over for about twelve seconds, I paid her entire adoption fee and left my phone number with the employee I talked to about her.

About two hours later I got a call back to tell me that she had been adopted!! The shelter employee sounded totally thrilled, and I am too! It made my day (week!) to think that I might have played a small role in getting a senior kitty into a new home. I'll definitely be doing that again!