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Contact [email protected] naecya (AT) earthlink . net

Clancy was admitted to Devore Shelter on December 17th. We don’t know much about his backstory prior to being admitted to the shelter. We do know he’s between 1 and 2 years old, had not been neutered but was sweet and affectionate enough for the shelter staff to deem his temperament “Friendly” and adoptable to the general public.

As we do for all the cats of Devore Shelter, the KD team networked Clancy in the hopes of finding him a solid and KD approved foster or adopter. We were contacted by a man in New York who wanted to adopt Clancy and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Our policy is that we don’t do out of state adoptions because, logistically, coordinating them is a nightmare and financially, they’re incredibly expensive. However, both administrators felt moved to make an exception for this man.

He explained that he’d just had a kitten, who he loved dearly, die from complications from FIP the very day he saw Clancy’s photo cross-posted to his Facebook news feed. He called the shelter and was told they didn’t do out of state adoptions. So, he let it be and decided it wasn’t meant to be. But the next day, he saw Clancy’s listing again and, because Clancy looked so much like the kitten he’d just lost, he felt moved to try to adopt him and get him to New York. He called the shelter again. They gave him our number. He called and texted one of the administrators who was sick in bed with the flu that day, begging and pleading. He wrote in the KD public Facebook page and sent an email to us directly - again, pleading his case.

After KD administrators gave him the reality check of what this effort would entail and he indicated he was agreeable to all of it, we decided to make an exception to our standard policy.

He was willing to pay for all the vetting Clancy would need in preparation for his flight and he also agreed to our “in-cabin only” parameters... which meant that someone would have to fly to New York with Clancy in order to deliver him in person to the adopter. This individual also provided contacts of two local rescue groups in his area with solid reputations that he had adopted through before. After contacting both of these groups and receiving glowing reports about him from both - as both an adopter and a volunteer - we opted to make a policy exception.

We got Clancy pulled from the shelter on December 26th and immediately had him transported to our vet for neuter, snap testing, vaccines, rabies shot, deworming, deflea, an overall health exam and a health certificate... and boarding until the travel date - all funded by the adopter. The KD team got to work on arranging the flight and buying the special airline and TSA approved carrier needed for Clancy to fly - again, funded by the adopter.

And just when everything was set to go and we were two days away from travel time, we got word from our vet that Clancy’s snap test revealed a very weak and faint positive for FeLV. The adopter asked if this was 100% conclusive. We told him no - that snap testing is not 100% accurate; that in order to get definitive results, he’d need to have the IFA test done... and that this would take another week because the bloodwork would need to be sent off to a lab. He said he wanted to do the IFA... so all travel plans were cancelled for the time being while we all waited for the results.

Last week, the results of the IFA came back and Clancy was, indeed, positive for FeLV.

And his adopter no longer wanted him.

The KD team does have a foster who takes in the FeLV kitties - but she is at her limit at this point in time and cannot take on another. We know there are sanctuaries that take FeLV kitties - some that charge a fee for lifetime care and others that are privately funded and only ask for veterinary records with conclusive results. However, we take our rescue efforts very seriously and we believe all cats the Kitty Devore Rescue Network team rescues to be KD cats. Even if an adoption goes south, as this one did, we still view those kitties as ours to care for and ensure they have the best possible life.

For this reason, we don’t feel right about “dumping” at KD kitty like Clancy at a sanctuary. It is incongruent to our mission. He is our responsibility and we owe him what we promise all cats we rescue from Devore - love, care and the best home we can find for them. In fact, for an FeLV kitty who may seem healthy now with no outward signs of illness, we owe him even more... because his FeLV+ status does make him special needs.

Clancy is a very sweet boy. Very loving and a gentle soul. He is not aggressive in any way and truly enjoys the company of people. He has no idea he's sick or what his future holds for him but, for as long as he is living and breathing, we want to ensure he experiences a lifetime of love and the best of care.

Ideally, we’d like to find a foster for him or adopter for him.

If a foster can be found, this would be someone who can take in a special need kitty like Clancy and give him the care he needs. This foster would need to fill out an application with us and is subject to our screening process and approval but this would keep Clancy in the KD fold if an adopter cannot be found. The KD team does reimburse for medical expenses needed when needed. Our fosters are supported in every way we can offer support - mentally, emotionally and financially when it comes to expenses beyond food and litter.

Or, if we can find him an adopter, that would be wonderful, too. We know FeLV+ kitties are less likely to find permanent homes than healthy cats who test negative for FeLV and FIV... however, we also know that there are wonderful people out there who already have FeLV+ kitties and the only way they can bring in companions for them is to adopt another FeLV+ kitty. There are those, too, who feel moved to take on a singular special needs kitty like Clancy for the duration of their time here on earth, however long or short that time may be.

Clancy is currently in boarding with the wonderful Linda Morrow of Starlight Clinic. Linda used to run a hospice for FeLV kitties but had to shut down due to a lack of funding. She opened Starlight as a means to generate that funding so that, down the line, she can open up an FeLV hospice again... and she has proposed a collaborative effort to the KD administrators to help make this happen in the upcoming year. However, this reality is many months away. Clancy needs a foster or adopter now.

Although he is safe and in great care, indefinite boarding in a cage is no life for a cat. He deserves better than this and we want to ensure he receives it. For this reason, we are putting the word out there to try to find a special foster or adopter who may be able to give this boy the care he needs.

Obviously, a crew of people felt he was special enough to bend policy to get him safe. He was rescued for a reason. His life matters and is precious to us and we’re going to do all we can to make sure he knows that.

If you are interested in joining the Kitty Devore Rescue Network team by becoming a foster with us or if you are interested in giving Clancy a forever home for the duration of his precious little life, please visit our website to request a foster or adoption application... and when you do, mention that it’s for this very special boy, Clancy.

Thank you so much!


Renée Mc Elwee
President and Co Administrator
Kitty Devore Rescue Network