I posted about this on Facebook but I have not posted here. My son and his wife who have Comet the Yellow lab, just got a Chocolate Lab Puppy last Saturday.

I knew he would be adorable but when I went to their home to see the pup I just squealed like a little girl! You truly forget how small and adorable they are.

His name is Bruce and he is a full Chocolate Lab, about 8 weeks old. At first Comet was not very happy about the pup and he was a little aggressive but it took less than a day for them to become best of buddies.

They are so adorable together. Comet tries to give his toys and bones to Bruce. He pushes them against him and it is sweeter than sweet! They share bones and toys and the pup will BARK at Comet if he wants something.

So who wants to see a photo?!? I just have one here on my work computer.

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