Bartie had his check up on Tuesday. His blood work came back with elevated white cell counts. He's been vomiting and has diarrhea. He lost 2 pounds in less than 5 months. The vet says he's got intestinal lymphoma. She said in order to definitively rule out IBD, a biopsy would have to be done. Given his age, frailty and weight, it would be way too invasive. So, he's on steroids, strong antibiotics, along with his other meds. She said he's not in pain. All I can do now is keep him comfortable. He's down to 5.3 lbs and is skin and bones. He's been pooping in my shower, which I believe is due to dementia. I don't mind as its easy to clean up. He sleeps 23 hours a day and has lost his hearing. I've only had him for 2 years but I ADORE him. I had a chat with him and told him that I love him, but it's okay to "go" whenever he wants to. I am beside myself. I find myself checking to see if he's still breathing. Could I ask everyone to keep my old man in your prayers?