My cat had a couple teeth removed on Jan 1st. This is not the first time, though the work was slightly more extensive than in the past (the Vet had to dig around a little to find tooth fragments). She went back to the vet on 1/14 for a follow up appointment, and they said her mouth is looking really good and healing properly.

However, she still has had minimal interest in food. The only way I can get her to eat is to sit her on a towel in a quiet, closed off room and, more or less, hold the food in front of her until she eats. Which would be fine, except she has now started to pee (and sometimes poop) on the towel before or while she is eating. This is the only time she does it.

Do you think she is urinating outside the litter box due to anxiety (about pain and/or eating) or because of a UTI?

Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.

Other things to note: She was on pain medication, but took the last dose 1/12 in the evening. We just recently discovered her kidneys are starting to not work properly (her urine is diluted), but her blood work still looks really good.