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Thread: Pet Emergencies - are you prepared?

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    Pet Emergencies - are you prepared?

    I got a message and ended up speaking with a woman who found Pet Talk, and needed help with a hamster issue and had no idea what to do or where to turn. After we spoke on the phone for a bit, I gave her the phone number for Angell Memorial in Boston, which has an Emergency Help Line, it is part of the Massachusetts SPCA.

    But it occurred to me - as pet emergencies rarely happen when the vet's office is open, do you know who you could call in such an event?

    I know I am fortunate, no only do I have them not too far away, there are two 24-hour vet clinics a couple miles from here.

    Just in case anyone ever needs it, the number I gave her is Angell Memorial Emergency: 617-522-7282 (press 1)

    How about folks list their own resources for such events, just so people can check here if necessary ...
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    I have the local emergency vets numbers programmed into my cell phone, have since I got the phone. I also have several regular vets in there too so I don't have to look up their number I can just call. To be honest I have two of their numbers memorized anyway though.

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    Thank you, Karen for the reminder! I am not as prepared as I should be. Our vet always asks this question too.

    The biggest emergencies I can see us needing to be prepared for - a loss of utilities, heat or water for an extended period; or, for some reason I need to go to my parents' house because of something that's happened there, and Cassie goes with me. My mom has one of those single-use disposable litter pans on hand in case we ever need to stay with them on s hort notice.
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    I have an emergency vet about 20 minutes away.

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    I know my vets number, don't need to go look it up or have it saved in my phone. If it is after hours then there is always at least one vet on call.
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    There are only three pet emergency ER's in the whole state (not that DE is big to begin with), and the closest is about a half hour drive from here. I know the address and the general vicinity, but don't know exactly where it is. Perhaps it would be a good idea to take a ride and find them one day that I'm in that general vicinity. They are open all night (the hours that a regular practice is closed) but not during the day, and are open 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Not sure about holidays - guess I should check it out.

    Thanks for bringing up the subject, Karen.
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    I have three ER vets in my area. Over the past 15 years, I've managed to use all 3 at one time or another.

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    I'm a 5 minute (or less if panicked) walk the the Emergency Vet. In fact I'd get there quicker on foot than driving.
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    We are 10 minutes away from the animal hospital where we take Ryder for his checkups, etc. We are lucky! We also have the # programmed in our cell phones as well.
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    I have my "old" ER vet I used, and a newer one my vet recommends. Also I pass a vet that is open 7am to midnight every day on my way to work. I also have my vets number memorized and they recognize my voice when I call too!

    I have not had to make a trip to the ER vet in several months (knocks on wood).
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    I know the numbers for both vet clinics I use off the top of my head and they are programmed into every phone we own! My favourite vet has also given me her home phone number. I try not to take advantage of the fact that I know that number, but I have made a few "CANDACE HELP" phone calls to her house!

    I keep a well stocked critter first aid kit as well....ointments, eye drops, cleaners, guaze and wrap. I also have a supply of painkillers, prednisone, allergy medication and antibiotics.

    We always keep enough food and medications around to last at least a couple weeks.
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    We now have 3 Emergency Vets in the county. One is about 10 minutes away; the next is maybe 20 minutes; and the third is about 30 minutes. We have used two of them in the past and both were wonderful.

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    Hi Gretchen, which emergency vets?
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    Actually, no. We aren't very prepared. I don't even know the nearest E-Vet hospital. I have the # for one in my phone when Mikey decided to eat a SOCK. But they told us not to come in, so I don't know WHERE it is. I probably should, anything can happen. God forbid though, our Vet is five minutes away and there's a vet down the road I can probably walk to that just opened.

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    Good topic! I have a regular vet about 12 minutes away. I had never used an emergency vet until Sissy needed an emergency operation last April; I think they saved her life. We have two ER vets about 25 mins away and the one we took Sissy to is 40 mins away. We went there because our regular vet recommended it when I called him. Hope I never have to go to emergency vet again but we never know. It's better to know where they are than not know.


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