Two weekends ago she came down with what seemed to be an upper respiratory infection... sneezing, dripping snot, not eating because she couldn't smell her food. Vet treated as such, with azithromycin and sub-Q fluid, and she did much better for several days.

The next weekend the symptoms were back, and on the vet's advice I gave her more sub-Q fluids, which had helped the previous weekend. ..continuing the azithromycin too.

Again she did better for a few days. Then Thursday the symptoms were back, and this time the fluids and med did not make a difference. On Friday I took her in again. Vet examined her thoroughly, said he suspects lymphoma and said she probably won't be around much longer. He put her on a stronger dose of med and said continue fluids.

Her condition went completely downhill over the weekend. No response to med or fluid. No interest in eating at all. Dribbling snot, leaking pee. She'd just lie in one place for a long time, get up and move somewhere and then lie down there, her head on whatever there was to lay it on. Skin and bones.

We let her go this afternoon.

My sister said, "Sydney and Nelson are greeting her at the Bridge.. Nelson is singing 'The Wayfarer’s Welcome' with Syd accompanying him on the pipes."

I'll see you again, my darling Lavinia, One Fine Day..