C-ts don't us- hours -nd s-conds. -- kno- th-t's som-th-ng hum-ns m-d- u-. C-ts
h-v- -n -nst-nct th-t t-lls us ---ctly -h-t th- r-ght t-m- for -v-ryth-ng
-s. Hum-ns n-v-r -no- -h-n th-y'r- su--os-d to do -nyth-ng, s- th-y n--d th-ngs
l--- cloc-s -nd t-m-rs to t-ll th-m. T--c- - y--r, S-r-h s-ts -ll th-
cloc-s -n our ---rtm-nt for--rd on- hour or --c- on- hour, -nd th-t just
-rov-s ho- m-d- u- hours -r-.

from Lov- S-v-s th- D-y
-y G--n Coo--r

cassiesmom: C(12) D(12) H(25) = 49
Steve Arnold: S(29) R(21) O(27) = 83
Felicia's Mom: N(25) G(6) = 31
Pinot's Mom: T(35) L(11) = 46
Asiel: U(13) Y(8) V(6) = 40
robinh: M(10) = 10
Freckles: F(3) = 3

Letters left to guess: