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Thread: What do YOU do??? - A POLL

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    What do YOU do??? - A POLL

    What do you do, or think is right to do, when you receive unsolicited products in the mail, and the sender is asking for a donation for this product? What comes to mind, since I received some today, is return address labels printed with your name and address. I used to get these all the time from different charities such as VFW, Humane Society, Arthritis Foundation, etc, etc, etc, and then they stopped for a good while. Today I received another batch from the Arthritis Foundation.

    I didn't ask for them, so I feel no responsibility to send any donation for them. Will I use them?? - sure - why not? Is this wrong on my part?? - I don't think so. What do you think - and why?
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    When I receive these items I use them. I do not feel the need to send a donation as I did not ask for them.
    I pick and choose what charities I donate to.
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    I use these items occasionally, or - if it's something I don't like - throw them away. When I still had more money, I occasionally made donations to charities that are important to me, but not to all. I simply can't do that.

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    I have used the return address labels in the last, cards I generally have recycled unused. They are making a gamble sending stuff out HOPING you will feel guilty and send something. But as it is completely unsolicited, you never asked them to send you anything, you are not responsible, and should feel no guilt.
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    Since most address labels sent unsolicited to me have the wrong last name........ I throw them away. I don't need to be made to feel guilted in to donating to a cause.


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    I just received today in the mail, address labels from the HSUS, also a key chain and a new card. I haven't sent money to them in a few years, just can't afford it. I do use the labels tho and throw the key chain in a drawer with the rest of them.

    I wish these people would stop sending stuff out, save the money you spend sending this stuff out and feed the animals instead.

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