Ed had to go to the vet for his shots, so I thought I'd go for broke.....

Ed DOESN'T like his belly touched, A few scritches and he'll give you a nip to let you know that that area is off limits!

I took him to PetCo once and the groomer told me that he couldn't finish the job because Ed would not let him touch his belly....

He offered to finish the job - at no cost - if I brought him back at a later date.....I thought about it and said, "No thanks, you have suffered enough already..."

The NEXT time I took him in to get trimmed, I walked into the same place, put the carrier on the counter and told the guy what I wanted.

The poor dude looked into the carrier and said, "OH, I remember this cat, he freaked out when I tried to shave his belly...."


As a parent, this crushed my spirit. My kid is supposed to be well behaved in public!

I told him to do the best he could and left it at that. I walked out crushed, but still believing my kid is better than YOURS....


I vowed never to be embarrassed again so I bought a pair of clippers (thanks Shai's Mom) and tried to do it myself.

(Can you say stupid?)

Ed coat came in from the last attempt at trimming and was getting matted, so I decided to take him in and get him vaccinated and while they were at it, get a physical and trim.

He was a little ticked off the day he came home - I think the anesthetic rattled him because the gal said he was coming out of it and she didn't get the chance to brush him out.............can you say 'combative'?


So, I just thought he should get a little 'spa' time......

His check up was perfect and other than a little consternation?

He's doing well.

He sends regards to all concerned and reminds everyone that his hair will grow out.