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Older dogs, as with older people, they lose the ability to control their bowels & bladder. I don't know if that might be the problem
with Myndi or not. Every thing Freedom suggested is good to consider, more walking around to stimulate the natural function, if she
is capable to walk more, it might help.17 yrs in dog age equals how old in humans? I hope you find something that helps. Must be
a pain for you and for Myndi if she thinks she's done something wrong.
The dog/human age used to calculated as 7 to 1, but that no longer applies. My vet has a chart (and I found the same one on line), that is now more accurate, so at 17, Myndi is 84 years old in people years. She's still pretty darn spunky for that age too.

It's not that she doesn't have control - she just chooses to go where she wants too - and the pooping in the house is the biggest issue. I wish I could figure out why she's doing it, but I'll probably never know. I just have to try harder to out-stubborn her and make her stay out till she poops outside. In the cold weather - that ain't easy tho!!!