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Thread: Sam I am

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    Awww, sweetie meezer girl Sam! You are absolutely adorable! Your perfect apple head, your beautiful blue eyes -- gorgeous! I love the picture of you with your buddy Charlie, that's just so precious. You are keeping everyone at your house on their toes, that's for sure! Happy Cat of the Day to you, dear Sam!
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    What a pretty little girl! Looks like she'll have blue points when she's a little older. Congratulations on your special day!
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    What a pair!

    Your photo of Sam and Charlie together is very wonderful!

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    Sam you are just gorgeous! I'm so sorry I missed your special day yesterday. I hope you and your fur friends were given lots of treats! I loved seeing your beautiful pictures especially the one of you and Charlie (too cute!) it was also great hearing about all of the fun you've created in your furever home! Congrats on being selected Cat of the Day!

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    Sassy Sam!

    Oh Sam - you are a beuatiful lil' lady! I can tell that you have a great life!
    I love your pics too...the one of you and hugged up with your older 'brother' is priceless!
    May everyday be Cat of the Day for you, Sam!

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    Hello Sam

    What Beautiful Blue eyes you have
    your pictures melt my
    I love the picture of you and your bro hugging

    Nothing like a kitten to liven up the place and keep the
    other kiddies young and on there toes
    Sounds like you have everyone both human and feline
    wrapped around you little paw!!

    Happy Cat of the Day to you Princess


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