I got this forwarded email, and we can help by emailing in protest!

Hello All,

Parrot owners in Connecticut (CT), and the CT Association for Aviculture (CAFA) need our help. There is a proposed zoning regulation change which will ban parrots in the town of Chester, CT. Yes, really!!!!

I received the notices from CAFA member, Dr. Amy Hopkins, & will include some of her recommendations below. Time is of the essence, as the Public Hearing on this proposal occurs this Thursday evening, January 10th.

The AFA Rep for the Northeast Region, Concetta Ferragamo, will be attending, as well as some CAFA members, & town residents. They need email support opposing this proposal to ban parrots there. They are scrambling to oppose this ban on short notice.

Reportedly, this all began with a neighbor dispute, where a Mr. John Bennet had some quarrels with his neighbor over a rooster. His petition to the Town Zoning Board includes banning all "noisy fowl", & it is unclear at this time why he's included parrots & macaws, etc.

Please read the attached petition from Mr. Bennet to change zoning laws, which would ban parrots in Chester, CT (attached pdf. below). You can also read the entire petition on the Town of Chester website. http://chesterct.org/ & http://chesterct.org/wp-content/uplo...oning-Regs.pdf with the reference to parrots on P. 3 of 4.

Please send an email to Mr. Jon Lavy, the Zoning Board Chair, opposing this proposal, as soon as possible. I have sent mine today. Emails need to be sent by Thursday, before the end of the "business day". Please read all the way down below here for some points to consider when writing your letter.

Send your letter to both email addresses below, & then write either: "Attention: Mr. Jon Lavy, Chairman Chester Planning & Zoning Committee" or, "Please forward to Mr. Jon Lavy, Chairman Chester Planning & Zoning Committee".
info@chesterct.org and ZoningOfficial@chesterct.org

Feel free to cross post this to other lists... or to email me privately.