I think this should probably go in the dog house, but Karen if you think it could be moved to General please go ahead and do it.

I recently received a petition from change.org asking that Facebook stop blocking rescuers from posting at Facebook. Below is the text and link for the petition, please sign it if you agree with it


As you may well be aware, Facebook has proven to be a great resource for animal advocates in general by bringing awareness of animal abuse and cruelty and thus allowing we animal advocates to sign various petitions about such issues. Facebook has also helped in raising awareness of what goes on in the shelter systems of the USA and by animal advocates who have written to their local politicians to ban gas chambers that are still being used in high kill shelters.
One of the most important issues and impacts, however, is that Facebook is also a tremendous resource for animal rescuers to crosspost urgent pets on "death row" in high kill shelters nationwide and as a result has helped many an animal be saved from being "euthanized", a "polite" term for downright killed.
For sometime now, especially this past week, we in the animal rescue/advocate community are in a sense being penalized from trying to save the lives of so many shelter animals. And how you may ask is this being done? By the Facebook "bot" system itself. Fellow animal rescuers/advocates who crosspost and share the death row pets of shelters to as many places as possible have been blocked from posting anything, since Facebook's "bot" system is viewing our shared crossposts as "spam". One minute they are sharing/posting urgent pets needing to be saved, the next minute they are blocked from posting anything.
Here we are, animal rescuers/advocates trying to make a difference, trying to make a dent in saving the lives of animals and yet viewed by Facebook as spammers, while ironically, there continues to exist pedophiles, hate groups and pages and they aren't being reprimanded nor punished in the least.
Does something sound wrong here?
We need changes that can hopefully be for the better that could be made and established by the CEOs of Facebook, including of course, Mark Zuckerberg to allow we in the animal rescue/advocate community to do what we do bestůsave lives!