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Thread: Is this a flea?! *update: still itchy*

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    Is this a flea?! *update: still itchy*

    So Clover is still really itchy. She is always biting at the side of her belly by the top of her leg or scratching. She seems very uncomfortable. I've been checking for flea's, haven't seen any since she was treated. I feel by now the bites should be going away. I don't feel Zeke is near as itchy. I've been giving them both allergy meds for about 3-4 days now. I hate seeing her uncomfortable. Could it be something else? Should I do something else? I don't want to give her a bath since she was treated with Advantage recently. Is it normal to still be sooo itchy? She was never itchy like this before I found the flea.
    */end update*

    So the dogs have been pretty itchy lately. Zeke is always itchy. He has a skin thing. So I didn't think much of it. But Clover has also been itchy the last few days. I didn't think much of it. I thought maybe dry skin or something. Her leg would go crazy whenever I scratched her so I thought maybe I'll look for fleas or bites.

    I found this crawling on her!

    Pleassse tell me this isn't a flea D: I've never had fleas on my dogs before so this is pretty gross!

    Urg. So what do I do to get rid of them? How do they get them in winter? Wouldn't being outside be too cold? Will they live in my sheets? Clover's been sleeping on my bed...I'm thinking of them crawling on my when I sleep. Will just a plain wash get rid of them? (they don't live on ppl do they?)

    How long will it take for them to die? I found some Advantage in my cupboard. I have no idea how old it is. It doesn't seem to have an expiration date. Could be a year old? Could be more or less? Can I still use it? I'll get more stuff tomorrow. Should I bath/flea collar them or will the advantage be enough?

    Sorry for the all the questions. I feel so bad for the dogs not looking into this sooner! They have never been a problem. Can they jump from person to person? My nieces cats apparently have them pretty bad. I never saw her or the cat recently but I did see my sister over the holidays (who had been to see the cats)

    I feel bugs crawling all over me now!
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    So I just read advantage doesn't expire if it's in the tube, with the seal unbroken. It's still in the originally packaging in the box so I'm going to go put it on all of them right now. Lucky I have just the right amount. 2 large ones and a small one for the cat

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    Yup, looks like a flea ... I would definitely wash blankets and sheets, and anywhere she has been lying ... and sprinkle any carpets with flea powder and vacuum ... they can get in the carpets and it becomes a nightmare! And yes, they will bite people - my sister once had a house that had fleas in the carpet when she moved in, and as she is allergic to flea bites, before they realized it, her skin looked like someone attacked her with a big pink marker making polka dots!
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    THAT IS A FLEA, FOR SURE!!! I am just getting rid of a flea infestation. Three months of fighting them! I hadn't seen a flea in nearly 20 years and BAM, fleas! I am told the same by many, hadn't had fleas in years and now they have them. We had no winter last year, that's why I suppose they were so bad this year. My dogs were on Frontline for the summer but I have never used flea meds on my cats because they don't go outside. It always worked, until now.
    Treat the dogs and cat and wash all their bedding, vacuum frequently and throw out the bag. Good luck.
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    I usually buy the largest size Frontline Plus and give it out according to size of animal. I buy it on Ebay and it is much cheaper. They give you a siringe with a plunger, a little bottle and the encased Frontline Plus as you would buy at the store. I empty the encased stuff, one by one, as needed, into the little bottle. I keep it all in the fridge. Works for me. BUT I do it all year long! No breaks. NO FLEAS either.

    P.S. I do the same for the cats, with cat worthy Frontline Plus.
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    She was on the couch for a few minutes the other day. How would I clean that? Just vacuum? What about my truck? I guess it's too cold for them to live out there anyway.

    How long will it take them to die after I've put the treatment on them?

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