Hi Arlo! Happy Dog of the Day to you, you beautiful BC baby boy!
What a wonderful way to start the day, seeing your utterly precious puppy self up on my screen, those huge, love filled eyes starring back me! And I must say, you're looking quite stylish in that nifty neckwear! You are too cute for words, Arlo, and such a smarty pup! Wow, that's quite an impressive repertoire of commands you've mastered! And like most puppies, you're so full of joy and wonder, so mischievous! hehe Best of all, you're as sweet and lovey and cuddly as they come! I don't think you could be any more perfect! How lucky your person is to have a loving companion, a best friend for life in you, Arlo! You're the best!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Enjoy your much deserved day in the spotlight, being spoiled rotten, celebrating as only a puppy can!
Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Arlo!