Ok, so we have a one year old shitzu with major attitude who thinks she owns the house. When we first got the dog everyone said "oh can we please, I'll help take care of her I promise". Well that was short lived. I'm always asking the kids, did you take the dog out, did the dog get fed etc etc. All dog responsibilities fall into my lap and to be honest with my husband gone, everything is now 100% my responsibility to make sure it's done. Just way to much to list.
I have three daughters (9,10 & 11) and a husband who now works out of town and comes home maybe once every two months. And to top it off I'm now 4 months pregnant and to be honest I'm at the end of my rope with this dog. She is constantly taking off on me, even squirms out of her collar and runs away when I'm walking her. I can't tighten collar anymore without choking her. She pees and poops in house (even after spending 20 mins outside). I walk her 3 times a day anywhere from 10 mins to an hour. When I'm sitting she's sitting on me. She is not neglected by any means. She has almost tripped me twice while I'm going down stairs. Not cool, even more so now with me being pregnant.
So here's my dilemma......I have a co-worker that has offered to take the dog, but my husband would lose it if I got rid of her. He's not even here to help with the dog, but said over his dead body would he allow the dog to go. Soooooo...I'm almost to the point of telling my husband the dog ran away (which she has done on numerous occasions) and giving her to my co-worker who will actually spend the time with her. My husband has no idea who my co-workers are because there are so many people i work with (I'm a nurse at a hospital). I don't want to lie to my husband, but I also can't stand having this dog anymore and he doesn't seem to understand why even after I've turned blue in the face trying to explain it to him. If you were in my shoes what would you do??