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Thread: Ryder barking excessively.... at other dogs! Advice?

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    Ryder barking excessively.... at other dogs! Advice?

    Ryder is a very vocal boy. He barks A LOT at other dogs, especially my parents' dog and Mike's mom's dog. Any reason why he does this? He is extremely quiet with us at home, but loud when it comes to breakfast/dinner time. Is he just 'figuring' out his voice towards other dogs? He just really started barking about at least two weeks ago. Is it his way of wanting to play? Honestly, his bark is so loud that I'm amazed it doesn't scare him at all. So far, our family dogs do not show any interest and want to be left alone. I kind of feel bad for the little guy - what should I do?
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    Clover does it with Zeke when she's not getting attention and wants to play. She also does it at my moms house around her dogs when she's nervous. Mom has a small dog who stares Clover down and this makes her uncomfortable. If he's trying to play when he does it, then he's probably looking for attention or get someone to play with him.

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    It sounds like he is trying to get the other dog's attention to play with him. Dixie as a pup did this to Rudy. I wouldn't be totally worried about it, he probably just wants a friend to play with.
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    Play dates

    I, too, think your pup is trying to get the other dogs to play. Have you a dog park around your area? Or maybe someone with fun loving doggies, your dog could play with from time to time?

    I used to tell Prue "no barks" and I noticed as she got older, she learned to not bark if I told her to keep quiet. It doesn't always work, but she is better. Some dogs just like to bark!

    I would work on it, but not worry about it. Puppies often outgrown lots of puppy habits as they get older. Yea!

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    A puppy class might be good for him. He'll learn to work around other dogs, and if it's the same as the one I did he'll get a puppy play time at the end where he can play with the other pups.

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