Recently I decided I would love to add to my family and do something I haven't done since I was little... own fish. Like any good Pet Talker I started doing my research. I first thought about goldfish because that was the fish from my childhood. All the info I've found says that goldfish have high waste outputs and require large tanks to be happy. Bit short on available space at the moment. My next thought was bettas. From what I've read they are hardy (plus seeing as all my childhood fish died at the hands of my mother), need low space (again I don't have room for a larger tank until personal issues clear up) and good for first time fish owners (aka me). But that is where the info stops agreeing. One site says this but another say that and I am on overload right now. So does any of my experienced owners have sites that they recommend that has the best advice or any advice themselves that I could use. This little adventure won't begin for another month to two months but I like to be overly prepared.

My plan at the moment is to get two males in seperate 1.6 or 2.5 gallon tanks seperated visually by aquarium background.

I thank you in advance for any help you give.