Hello everyone

So here is our little Pip's story.
In August 2012, Pip was sitting on a chair, when suddenly he jumped down and started running circles around the table. Then he ran of into the bedroom, I followed him, before I could reach the bedroom I heard a huge cry, I ran into the bedroom, and there he was, our little boy convulsing on the floor uncontrollably. During the seizure he had urinated himself and also hurt his gum, so there was a little bit of blood. This lasted about 45 seconds. Then he came around. By this time we already had the vet on the phone, and we were getting ready to take him into the vets.

Apart from slightly high temperature everything was fine with him by the time we got there, but the vet decided to keep him for observations. We also decided to do blood tests to see if they could find anything.

Next morning, results were in and nothing showed up, he was a perfect little healthy boy. So he was sent home.

About 6 weeks later, it happened again, he didn't run as much but still dashed, and this time I noticed his head was very close to the ground and he didn't look right. He fell next to my legs and had a 35second long seizure. Straight after that he was taken to the vets. They did another round of blood test, and also sent of for a toxicology report. Everything again came back clean. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him home.

About a month after that it happened again, this time he did not run or anything, and the seizure was a lot less violent. We again took him to the vets but the vet did not see any reason for running any more tests. And sent him home straight away.

About another month goes by, and he has another non-violent seizure. We rang the vets again, and they said not to bring him in and just keep an eye out.

They have given us a referral to go to a Internal Medicine department in Perth. The only thing all of the test they want to run is going to cost us around $3000, and that is not sort of money we have laying around. We love our little boy and trying to get some advice, we don't know anyone else who has experienced feline epilepsy.

He has not had a seizure now in almost 2 months (knock on wood).
I guess what I am after is any advice, any experience with this? Putting him down is not an option, and vets say his seizures are not often enough to medicate.

Please if anyone has anything to add or say, I would greatly appreciate it.