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Hi Henry,
wow you sure are a wonderful regal cat boy. Even when you are wearing flowers it still looks handsome and not girlish on you. I am glad you got rescued from that parking lot and found a loving forever home. Regarding your behavior to squirrels and birds we are however glad you seem to have no wives
I wish you a wonderful year being the king of your new family.
Could you please tell me where i go to start a new thread? Some one dumped a Tortie Calico kitten on the street I'm having trouble stopping her going to the rest room on my son's bed I have put her mess in the litter box and gently put her in it and she still climbs up on his bed to do her thing. She is a real hyper though. I do not plan on keeping her I'm waiting for my friend who knows a place to take her a no kill shelter. I have to many cats already I have one who was feral and now lets me touch him, and a cat that just wondered in my house and started eating my cats food and he eats until he throws up. He belongs to some one he has two collars on he lost them once and then came back with another one. Then I have my girl sheba she is 17 years old and she hisses at all cats she does not want them here. I got vitamins for her to put in her food to help with digestion and all kinds of vitamins but she will not eat the food with it in there. I definitely need some advice. Sheba has always had problems with shedding I can brush her for hours and her hair still comes out. I live in sunny California, so I assume that is why she sheds a lot or she lacks some vitamin. The problem is getting her to take them I have tried all kinds powders, chewables. The Powder I got is for senior cats after all she is 17 years old she will not eat the food when I put it in there. My vet had a kind she liked but now he changed the ones he sells she will not eat it not in food or anything. I took a course in Animal science I can not believe I'm asking for help. We all know you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Sorry for asking on the reply but I do not see any where to start a new thread.