I've been doing research on the breed but am not finding all the answers I'm looking for. My dad is really considering getting one. We even have a breeder in mind. Since I'm living at home right now, and going to be helping him out with the pups training, etc. I'm also hoping he will make a great playmate for Clover. I have seen one of these dogs at the park where I take Clover. He told me about the breeder. I haven't seen him since to ask him anything. Anyway, his dog is beautiful. I hadn't really heard of them before.

I'd like to know more about their prey drive, if it's high or not. I've heard many stories some breeds, like huskies, who kill cats. I have a cat, so I'd like him to be safe. I'd also like to know he'd be safe off leash and not run off after every moving thing he sees. The man at the park has his off leash, he seems to listen well. He said he's very gentle.

Any info would be helpful. I e-mail the breeder but I haven't heard back from them