I will be dog sitting my grand-puppy Comet starting on Wednesday for a week while my son and daughter-in-law go on a cruise. I am going to be staying at their house because they have a fenced in yard and it will just be easier. Today I went over to their house while they were at work for a test run to see how he would react to me coming in the house without them being there. He was so adorable!

I went in and opened his crate and he was so calm. We went into their family room and he welcomed me into their home sniffing and bumping me to pet him. Then, with definite purpose, he went to their upstairs, got his bone and brought it downstairs. I was sitting on the couch. He got up on the couch, put the bone on my lap and laid down to chew the bone on my lap.

I hung out with him for an hour or so until my daughter-in-law got home. Comet has calmed down considerably since they first brought him home. He is probably about a year and a half old now. Here is a recent picture of him in the snow.

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