Hi Samson! Happy Dog of the Day to you, from everyone in this Retriever loving home!
What a beautiful big boy you are, Samson; inside and out, body and soul; a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold who gives back to others as good as he gets! I can just imagine the smiles on the faces of your dear friends at the nursing home when you come for a visit!

I can't imagine a more irresistible blend of unconditional love, playfulness, loyalty and goofiness (in a great way) than a Golden/Lab mix, and you embody all of those cherished traits, and more! ( LOVE your Christmas outfit, and yep, we can see you're the consummate kisser!)What a lucky family, having a loyal and loving, kiss dispensing best buddy in you, Samson! You're every family's dream doggie, and oh, didn't your people hit the jackpot the day they welcomed you home! You do your much missed beloved best friend, Bo, proud, and I have no doubt he's looking down on you all from the Rainbow Bridge today, so happy knowing his legacy lives on through you!

Thanks for warming my frigidly cold day with your heartwarming story and precious pics, Samson! Wishing for you a very special, fun (and treat) filled day of celebration, and many more wonderful years with your family!
Lots of love, big hugs and sloppy kisses to you, beautiful Samson, our very special and most deserving, Dog of the Day!