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Thread: cat terrified of other cat after being spayed

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    cat terrified of other cat after being spayed

    I have two cat who were best friends. One is a male and the other a female. Recently the female was spayed and ever since the male has hissed and "screamed" everytime he sees her. This has not gotten better with time.

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    Hmm, I am sure once she came back she smelled different, and that freaked him out. What interaction have they had since?
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    I'm with Karen, this is typical for the first day or so. Has the issue lasted longer than that? Maybe without all the hormones racing through, she smells like a 'new' cat in his territory?

    When will the male be neutered, or is he already fixed?

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    How long has it been? As mentioned, it's not uncommon for other cats to act oddly toward another cat that came home from a recent vet trip because of the smells, etc.


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    I have been thruogh this. It's quite disturbing, however they are indeed cats and they will take thier sweet time. May never get over it , but the aggression usually subsides as they eventually become bored and move on


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